In This Issue

  • Amphibious assault vehicles for the ADF?
  • F-35 ejection seat issues solved
  • Boxer CRV arrives with 35mm gun
  • Australian company pursues big weapon mount contract
  • Hezbollah converts drones for air strikes
  • Indonesia’s littoral fire support vessel
  • Land 400 schedule under pressure
  • ADF’s new 40mm grenade launcher

Owning the Night Fight

An Australian Army M113AS4 armoured personnel carrier patrols the main defensive position during Exercise Hamel in Cultana training area, South Australia, on 9 July 2016. *** Local Caption *** The Australian Army's 1st Brigade together with a number of international partners have been practising their war-fighting skills by night as part of Exercise Hamel 2016, being conducted in South Australia from 26 June to 14 July. 1st Brigade's Battlegroup Lion and Battlegroup Chromite conducted a mechanised deliberate attack on the enemy's main defensive position developed earlier in the exercise by soldiers from Brisbane's 7th Brigade playing the role of the enemy. Under the cover of darkness, Battlegroup Chromite provided suppressive fire from the north, allowing Battlegroup Lion to assault and push through the position with dismounted infantry and armoured vehicles from Darwin's 1st Armoured Regiment. The exercise tested 1st Brigade's ability to conduct combined offensive operations by night with soldiers from the United States Army and United States Marine Corps in order to enhance interoperability within a complex environment. Army uses the ‘Road to Hamel’ to build up its next ready brigade and Exercise Hamel is the final test. This year, 1st Brigade is being put through its paces to ensure it is ready to support operational contingencies ranging from humanitarian assistance through to major combat operations.